Buenos Dias! For breakfast this morning we went to Casa Leonel (the orphanage) to eat breakfast. We ate scrambled eggs and ham, fruit, and bread! I could live off the bread here... :) After breakfast we headed to the new Christian school just built this year. It is a truly beautiful school! The kids are all so cute dressed in their plaid skirts, blue shorts, and white polo shirts. At Esperanza, the orphanage we work at, we had to prepare to lay tile. I have never inhaled so much dust! I did a lot of sweeping, cleaning, and lifting tile! The whole time all I could think of was "Choose Joy!" I still am waiting to see the plans God has for us down here. God is good, all the time, all the time God is good! I miss all of you back in Michigan and can't wait to see you all. Keep praying!
1/31/2013 08:17:46

Hey hun!! :) I miss you tons and I'm so happy that God is using you in amazing ways!! Praying lots <3 ya

2/1/2013 00:32:23

glad you got there safely and are having funnn :) will be praying!

Carly Joy
2/3/2013 06:01:25

Aww WE MISS YOU! Oh i can't wait to hear all about it! Prayin for ya!


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