I am overjoyed at the fact of Christmas break being around the corner. I cannot wait to be given countless gifts; go to many parties and see all my family. I love having fun in the snow (at least when we have snow). But is this REALLY CHRISTMAS? Jesus' idea of CHRISTmas is that Christ is the center of our lives. That doesn't quite match up with reality; I get all caught up in all the different things going on that I forget what Christmas is truly about. If Christmas never happened; if Jesus never came into the world. We would not be here- nothing would be here. Jesus came as a precious gift, to bring light, hope, and salvation. He later died on the cross to save sinful humans from hell. He gave us eternity! I love Christmas and having fun, but need to be constantly reminded of the amazing gift Jesus gave to us.

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    Ellie Schreur

    I am in 8th grade. I like hanging out with my friends, I like to run, I like listening to music, and I LOVE JESUS! Jesus Christ is my life, it is my goal that everyday I strive to become more and more like him. He means everything to me. Whenever I need him he is always there. My goal is to share his unconditional love and amazing sacrifice on the cross to the least of these- to those who need it most. 


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